Dos and don’ts of a healthy self image

• Accept that bodies come in many shapes and sizes.
• Recognize your positive qualities.
• Remember that you can be your worst critic.
• Explore your internal self, emotionally and spiritually, as
well as your external appearance.
• Spend your time and energy enjoying the positive things in 
your life.
• Be aware of your own weight prejudice. Explain how those
feelings may affect your self-esteem.

• Let your body define who or what you are.
• Judge others on the basis of appearance, body size, or 
• Forget that society changes its ideals of beauty over time.
• Forget that you are not alone in your pursuit of
• Be afraid to enjoy life.

Source: Healthy Eating A guide to Nutrition - Nutrition and Eating Disorders 2nd Edition by Lori A. Smolin & Mary Grosvenor