Source: Prevention Magazine 2012

Source: Prevention Magazine 2012


If you go back to eating junk, the weight will go back to your thighs.


If you go back to eating junk, the weight will go back to your thighs.

52 Inspiring Weight Loss Tips


Believe in Yourself

1. Ditch all-or-nothing thinking. Every time that Sandra Wadsworth, 41, attempted weight loss, she’d quit at the first slipup. “But I finally lost 20 pounds when Weight Watchers helped me see that I wasn’t a bad person. Everyone makes mistakes. The key is to learn from them.”

2. Start with a bang. At 315 pounds, Kelly Feick had long hidden behind her blond, waist-length hair. But when she decided to take a risk and cut it, her courage to change sparked a sense of purpose and commitment. Kelly, 32, began eating healthier and walking every day. In 1 year, she dropped from a size 30 to a size 4. Pounds lost: 185.

3. Seize your strength. “I stopped telling myself that I was destined to be overweight forever,” says Adrienne Sussman, 52. “I accepted that whatever was broken, I had the power to fix.” To get comfortable with yourself, stand in front of a mirror completely naked every couple of weeks. Find one body part that you like—even if it’s your elbows! When Adrienne stopped berating herself, she shed 30 pounds.

4. Make a dream book. “Before I could change my body, I had to change my thinking,” recalls Sonia Turner, 43. “To build my confidence, I created a scrapbook of people exercising and overcoming adversity. I included a photo of my husband’s company Christmas party. I’d always stayed home because I was embarrassed, but I announced, ‘Next year, we’re going.’” When the holidays rolled around, Sonia had lost 135 pounds. She and her husband danced the night away.

5. See a pro. At age 50, George Trott was diagnosed with diabetes and heart disease. That news got him to trim down 40 pounds, but he needed to lose more. On the suggestion of his daughter, he visited a dietitian who helped him fine-tune his diet. He finally shed all the necessary pounds, and his subsequent blood tests improved too.

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Some tips on surviving a sushi buffet

Share with friends

Since most of the time the same types of sushi come in one plate, take only 1 and share the rest with friends.

Have only one of each

One of the common tips on surviving buffets is that you only go for one serving of each dish. No matter how good it is, don’t go for second serving or risk going overboard.

Start with greens

Try to start off your buffet with the healthy stuff, such as a plate of Edamame (steamed soybeans) as it may help to prevent over-eating.

Cut the carbs

Removing part of the rice allows you to eat more of the other sushis without feeling bad.

Order green tea

Sip on hot green tea as you have your sushis. It can help prevent over-eating and also cleanse your system if you had any greasy food.

Avoid Fried

Fried food adds unnecessary calories and defeats the health benefits of heart-healthy fish. Why eat fried salmon when you can have fresh sashimi?

Avoid Mayonnaise

We all know what mayo is fattening. Avoid sushis that are mixed with mayo. Some of the common ones are spicy tuna, california roll, sweet corn, and kani(crab meat) salad. To be safe, go for sushis with meat that comes in a piece(nigiri).

Recommended: Edamame(soybean), Wakame(seaweed), Chawan Mushi(steamed egg), Sashimi(raw fish)

Here’s a picture of some of the healthier choices

Not recommended: Takoyaki(fried octopus balls), Okonomiyaki(savory pancake), and of course anything else that is fried or has mayo.