Why Are Thin People Not Fat (Full BBC Documentary)

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Muscle vs Fat


People should stop saying that muscle weighs more than fat. Technically, 5lbs of muscle is equivalent to 5lbs of fat. The truth is that fat take up more space than muscle.

The correct way to state the muscle weighs more than fat scenario is, “Muscle is heavier by volume than fat.”

I’m posting this because even my lecturer got it wrong. My class had to do a reflective journal about how we felt about our weight and I believe she tried to comfort me by saying that muscle weighs more than fat.

My body is probably just converting the fats into muscles right now, that’s why I don’t look as heavy as I weigh. Well, I really shouldn’t care about the numbers anymore. What’s important is that I feel healthy :)

Gona get back on track

It’s been so long since I last posted here! I feel sad and ashamed to announce that I’ve gained back all those weight due to school and laziness.

My weight is at its peak again :( 3 months into a new semester and I’ve gone from around 58kg to 63kg.

The moment I don’t exercise, the weight comes back on. It’s not like I have been gorging myself with junk food. Well, I probably overeat a little at times.

I’m not going to say that I don’t have time for exercise because that’s bullshit.  Then the ironic thing is that I’m currently taking health-related modules!

Chinese New Year is in 10days’ time or so and I’m so starting to panic. How much weight I can lose in less than 2 weeks?! It seems like I really have to take some desperate measures. I look like a damn pear now :(

I seriously need to get rid of the damn muffin top. Fresh and nutritious food all the way!